V Erase Dry-Erase Wallcovernig opens up new vistas for creating fully „writerly walls.” Walls in conference rooms, offices, training and public utility spaces. Walls even or rounded, columns and corridors – all these can become places of creativity and sharing of ideas.
From strategy to education, V Erase can meet your needs.

Business Meeting in Conference Room


  • Easy cleaning of the written-over space.
  • Possibility of using standard felt-tips and accessories for dry erase boards.
  • Possibility of presenting data with the aid of V EraseProjection multimedia projectors.
  • The width of 150cm providing extensive writing space.
  • Simple installation, just like the vinyl covering.
  • Fire Safety Certificate.
  • Resistance to standard cleaning agents.
  • 10-Year Warranty.*
  • A practical alternative to dry erase boards.„Colour outside the lines of an ordinary board…”
  • A new twist to the presentation of your data

V Erase brings even more possibilities to data presentation during trainings, conferences and business meetings. An ordinary board will no longer cramp your style…

Thanks to its matt surface the use of V Erase Projection makes it possible to present data with the aid of multimedia projectors without a light reflection effect.

  • Creativity and visualization

A conference hall is not the only place in which to present data. Are you lacking in space where you can put up boards? Is the board size unsuitable? Now you can adapt any free space for writing data! The V Erase covering is flexible and can be cut down to any size, and thus it opens up new spaces for a creative data presentation, allowing you to optimize the usage of the available space.

  • Uniform and smooth surface

Unlike liquid agents (paint), the use of the V Erase covering ensures a uniform, continuous and smooth surface owing to the production monitoring process. Applied from the roll, the covering lets you have very wide writing spaces.

  • Tried and tested application

For more than 20 years the product has been successfully used all over the world, which serves to confirm its possibilities and advantages.

  • Simple installation

The installation of the V Erase covering can be accomplished quickly. The material extends from the roll, which ensures continuity and eliminates unwanted joints. Standard tools, adhesives as well as a tried and tested installation method guarantee durability and a satisfactory final effect.

  • Durability

The use of vinyl on a textile base guarantees supreme durability of the dry erase wall. The life span of this wall covering is comparable to vinyl coverings, type I and type II. The product is covered by a 10-year warranty that will continue and remain in force provided that the maintenance conditions and materials specified in the user’s guide are observed.

v erase

„Create your own design…”

We offer facilities for printing individual designs on V Erase coverings.